Valentine, Please Bring Me Some Liquid Gold

Posted on February 13, 2014 by Rebecca Ponzi

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EV00) has been referred to as liquid gold for over a millennium and has been touted as a magical elixir for health and beauty.  Due to its potent polyphenols, the healing properties of EVOO are effective as topical treatments AND when consumed.  This fall, we brought home a bottle of Casal Cristiana Extra Virgin Olive Oil immediately after crush.  Straight from the press, without any filtration, we noticed right away that the oil was "alive".  
Fresh, off the press, EVOO brightened up a simple marinara sauce, but we particularly enjoyed the after effects. After sampling the freshly pressed Casal Cristiana Extra Virgin Olive Oil with lunch, we felt our lips tingle with the lingering oil and could imagine days past of lovers using EVOO to enhance their sensuality.  It is noted in ancient times "one of olive oil's most conspicuous uses in antiquity was to make the skin softer and more sensual."
Those powerful antioxidants did not go unnoticed and immediately we understood how this wonderful, flavorful oil has earned its name as "liquid gold".  It has the power to heal and cure ailments, to accentuate beauty, and to enhance food we eat.  We are receiving wonderful reviews from our Founding Members of Viva Verde, our olive oil club, as they are putting Casal Cristiana Extra Virgin Olive Oil on anything they can.  It's a great time to experiment with EVOO because February is American Heart Month. 
By using real EVOO and following a healthy diet, you and your sweetheart can have healthy hearts!  Our Founding Members are very innovative with their Casal Cristiana Extra Virgin Olive Oil and their culinary use range from drizzling over popcorn, making vinaigrette, finishing off scrambled eggs, tossing bread cubes for croutons, whipping up homemade mayonnaise and more!  
Several members have commented that they are eliminating butter from their diet and using Casal Cristiana Extra Virgin Olive Oil instead because of its fresh and dynamic flavor.  You can even use it in your baking projects!  It looks like you can have your cake .... and eat it too! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Be heart healthy; incorporate more Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your diet.  Stay in stock, sign up for a Viva Verde Spring Membership, with delivery to your door.

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