Announcing Casal Cristiana Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Posted on June 29, 2013 by Michel Ponzi

June 2013
Proudly Announcing
Casal Cristiana Extra Virgin Olive Oil
produced for Fratelli Ponzi, LLC

A message from Rebecca and Michel Ponzi

Buongiorno da Torre di Palme, Italy!  As many of you are aware, after a lifetime of working in his family business, Ponzi Vineyards, Michel recently stepped down from his position as CEO and has been living in Italy for nearly a year.  For the last four years we have been cultivating personal and professional relationships with frequent trips to our Italian home in the Marche region.   Now, after living full time in Torre di Palme, not only we have met and solidified many relationships in this small zone, we have educated ourselves in the business of olive oil.

Throughout Michel’s life of growing and then managing a successful family business in the wine industry, olive oil is a natural fit. Through our initial experience with our own trees and working with neighboring families and their orchards in Italy, we experienced first hand the similarities to our winemaking roots and traditions.  Parallels include its Italian heritage, time of harvest, production methods, palate descriptors and health benefits.  Wine and olive oil, both are considered life’s pleasures and elixirs of health.

The Marche, while little known to Americans, has for thousands of years been known in Italy for its high quality oil.  It is documented from medieval times that the Florentines and Venetians consistently asked for oil from the Marche for their households because of its superior virtues of taste and color.
Situated about an hour away from the Ponzi family Italian origins, our trees grow on the grand, rolling hills overlooking the Adriatic Sea.  It is this combination of sandy soil, mild ocean breezes, long warm summers and sustainable farming practices that produces this premium extra virgin olive oil we are now offering to America.

We invite you to be part of the growing olive oil movement and to join us in our venture of bringing a new brand, Casal Cristiana Olio Extravergine di Oliva, to this expanding market through Viva Verde, our exclusive olive oil club.  Casal Cristiana is the name of the villa we call home in Italy and our inspiration.  With you as an ambassador of our brand, we will keep you up-to-date with our Italian adventures, recipes and information about olive oil in general.

This is a limited annual membership and is only shipped one time per year.  Membership renewal is required annually.  We are a boutique, artisanal producer.  Our olive oil is not mass-produced and created exclusively for our clients.  Your reserved case of extra virgin olive oil will ship to your door in January of 2014, produced from the 2013 harvest.  Our olive oil is bright green in color with golden highlights and has aromatic hints of apples and almonds.

Your membership includes six 500 ml bottles of real extra virgin olive oil fresh from Le Marche, Italy.  You can also enjoy discounts on multiple cases, recipes, information and benefits of olive oil, and more!  Visit our website at where you will find more information and modes of communication via email, chat and phone should you have any questions.  With your reservation, you are welcome to follow your olive oil through its process from tree to harvest by joining our Facebook page, following our blog or presence on LinkedIn.

At the original Ponzi family home in Campotosto, Italy


Rebecca and Michel Ponzi                                          

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