Sunday Dinner -- Adriatic Style

Posted on August 25, 2013 by Rebecca Ponzi

We woke up to high clouds and big, heavy rain drops splashing on the balcony.  A humid, intermittent rainfall as if the sky was contemplating ... to rain or not to rain today.  I scurried over to Torre di Palme to bring in the laundry off the wall of the medieval village.  I have taken on the Italian ways of hang drying all my laundry.  As I was leaning over the edge of the wall I could see the Adriatic, it was starting to get a little rough and the wind was blowing.  It felt like a perfect day to cook and in Italy, Sunday is celebrated with family.  They cook together in the kitchen and share stories from the week around the table.  So off I went to wake up with a morning macchiato and strudel di mele and then I hit the market that was in full swing this Sunday in Porto San Giorgio.  The streets were packed with cars, bicyclists, pedestrians and of course vendors of all types.  I stuffed my basket with fresh produce, stopped in at the macelleria for chicken, and picked up some fresh prawns at the local supermarket.  With my pantry stocked with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt and a little garden filled with herbs, I had all that I needed for a Sunday dinner.  Throughout the villa at Casal Cristiana I could hear other families talking and smelled the aromas of their own Sunday dinners.  I started mine by sauteing the prawns in extra virgin olive oil, a few cloves of garlic and lemons.  We snacked on these while drinking frizzante while I made a salad of lettuce and tomatoes fresh from my friend's garden -- tossed a few prawns on before serving -- dressed only with a little sea salt, white wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.  Chicken was roasted with rosemary and lemons with lots of extra virgin olive oil and was accompanied by a quasi Pomme Anna style side dish of potatoes seared and cooked with more extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and fresh thyme.  This meal was not by any means elaborate to make but filled the table and my family's stomachs with fresh, tasty and healthy food that would sustain them for the next Italian event of the day ..... walking and talking.  However you spend your weekends and whether your weekend is a Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday ... enjoy the moment, enjoy your food, enjoy your life!

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