Italian Food and Fashion -- Simply Luscious

Posted on September 09, 2013 by Rebecca Ponzi

We were honored to be invited to the Pierti Launch Party on Saturday, September 7th in Torre di Palme, Italy.  Our friend, Tiziana Piersanti, put her lifelong dream of becoming a fashion designer into action after a milestone birthday last year.  Throughout the year we watched her sketch in the bar, Le Logge, which she owns with her husband, Dottore Umberto Bedetta.  It was so fun to see bolts of fabric arrive at the bar as she moved forward to bring her sketches to reality.  Then prototypes of her ideas circulated and now, an entire line of luxury casual wear for men and women are complete.  Her enthusiasm was contagious and through the support of her husband, friends and years of working in the apparel industry, she teamed up with the region's high fashion leaders to bring her brand to market.  Wow!  What a presentation! 
As with most Italian celebrations, the food and wine were important factors along with the introduction of Pierti's new showroom and studio.  So while we brushed elbows with models strutting her clothes in the crowd and did some dream shopping in the elegant, white showroom, we dined on bite size eggplant parmigiano, homemade ricotta cheese, fresh mozzarella cheese made on site of the event, chunks of parmigiano reggiano, small cupfuls of cous cous finished off with high quality olive oil, herbs and sea salt and so much more.  Trays of food kept arriving and nobody there was on a diet ..... even the women in the tightest and tiniest little dresses in their stiletto heels.  It was a perfect Italian evening .... a light, warm breeze and a clear sky studded with stars.  The sun set and the Adriatic Sea glowed forever in the moonlight.  We feel so fortunate our office for Casal Cristiana Extra Virgin Olive Oil is in the center of this vibrant village and especially happy to officially call Pierti our neighbor. 
Congratulations to our friend, Tiziana Piersanti, who has the courage to share her talents and to live her dream!  We hope you'll stay tuned to our blog as our olive harvest on October 21st nears!  Our new venture with Casal Cristiana won't be done in stiletto's gracefully sipping Prosecco but in work boots toting rakes and crates.  As we approach our harvest deadline, reservations are becoming more imperative for production determination.  If you have been contemplating joining our exclusive olive oil club, Viva Verde, do so now!  The countdown begins!

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