Use Your Senses ... Required by Nature

Posted on October 24, 2013 by Rebecca Ponzi

Mother Nature talks to us everyday through the wind, rain and sun.  The photo to left gave us all those weather elements in one day in Torre di Palme, Italy.  Seasons change, they are never the same year to year and it makes doing business in agriculture interesting, creative and challenging.  This year, the olive crop in Le Marche, Italy has enjoyed a beautiful summer with long warm days and evenings.  We've been fortunate "bel tempo"  has continued through the fall.  This autumn brought a little rain and cooler nights but we have yet to experience a severe drop in temperature that calls for wool and cashmere to stay warm or even to turn on the heat in our home.  In anticipation of our first harvest, we are ready to push on the gas pedal and take our new venture for a spin! 

But nature says wait.  With an exceptionally cool spring this year and such a stellar summer and fall, the fruit is going to hang a little longer on the branches.  It's hard to be patient when something has changed your life and you are ready to share it with your family, friends and colleagues.  But Mother Nature knows best ..... and with weather like this, we want our fruit to be at its optimum ripeness to bring to you fresh, bright flavors that will tingle your lips and tease your taste buds for more!  So, in an effort to stay calm, be patient and wait....try to take a moment in the day to reflect what nature brings.   This photo with the bright fall sun warming the valley's crops was taken while running errands in Fermo.  Throughout the month of October, in the little zone where we live, so many photo opts were presented and had to be taken.  Thankfully, with an iPhone constantly in hand, there's no excuse to not capture nature's most beautiful moments.  Each photo was a reminder that it's okay to be still.  The best things in life can never be rushed.  

A morning stroll along the shoreline in Pedaso, Italy, captures a sleepy town and a rising sun.  Just minutes away from this serenity are rolling hills where olive trees thrive.  An evening walk in Marina Palmense, a two minute drive from Torre di Palme celebrates October's harvest moon.   Casal Cristiana olive harvest starts soon ..... just as soon as nature says she's ready. So enjoy the peaceful moments and stay tuned.  The premiere bottling of Casal Cristiana Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil will soon be on its way!  There's still time to place an order and join our Viva Verde Club.



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