Give Thanks ... That's All

Posted on November 24, 2016 by Rebecca Ponzi

Today is one of America's greatest holiday's when workers get the day off, cooking and eating is main stage, and prods us all to give thanks.  Here in Italy, I'm in Milan and the holiday is barely noticed, everyone is bustling about their normal day.  What I would give for a big piece of pumpkin pie right now!  But instead, I'll be making pumpkin gnocchi tonight with cream sauce for dinner.  But this Thanksgiving is not particularly a normal one for me, as I am away from my beach town Porto San Giorgio (PSG) and my children so I can attend to some medical issues.  While we pause marketing our olive oil to take care of these personal life moments ... I have gratitude for the life we have created. Thankfully, I am not alone, Michel is with me and his presence in this enormous city makes me feel loved and secure.  A good friend flew in from the States this week to help out with the house and kids while we are bouncing from PSG to Milan ..... Thank you Hallie.  So as I sit in our temporary apartment, looking out over the grey skies and drizzling rain over the Milan skyline, I give thanks.  I have immense gratitude for the friends and family who have supported me with notes of love and encouragement for not only the last few months, but for the last few years.  I am thankful for our customers who love our olive oil and enthusiastically added it as an important culinary staple.  Through the years, you never know where life will take you and the farther you stretch yourself, you discover unrealized capabilities. I'm away from two homes now, Oregon and Porto San Giorgio, and yes, it could be a little depressing.  But I am taking the time to organize my computer and emails with the Milanese super fast wi-fi we don't have in our region.  I'm always trying to find a silver lining or as the cliche goes " when life gives you lemons, make lemonade."  It seems like I've made a lot of lemonade as I go through years of email correspondence, reminding me of all the challenges we faced. I am buoyant with appreciation from those who gave us encouragement and unconditional love.  I have poetic verses and words I want to write but I know today will pass and tomorrow will bring work for some, a long lazy weekend or frenzied shopping for others.  Whatever your personal story or situation is, I hope you can take a moment to find at least one thing that deserves a big thank you. Be kind. Be well. Happy Thanksgiving and of course .... Buon Appetito!

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