Torre di Palme


Torre di Palme, a medieval village located in the region of Le Marche of Central Italy is a vibrant and active commune, rich with history and panoramic views.  Situated 400 feet above sea level upon a steep dramatic cliff, this gem is called “the balcony of the Adriatic”.  To the east, Croatia is visible with the naked eye across the Adriatic and the white cliffs of Sirolo to the north.  The panorama from west to south showcases stretches of beach and rolling farmland of olive groves, vineyards and sunflowers.

Torre di Palme is easily accessible, only minutes from the popular European holiday town Porto San Giorgio, directly off the Autostrada.  Torre di Palme is comprised of several families who have lived and worked in this village for generations.

In the center of Torre di Palme, tourists and locals can enjoy their morning macchiato and brioche at Le Logge, a popular gathering place for all.  Children (and adults) visit daily for their serving of gelato and return in in the evening for conversation among friends with an apertivo and prosecco. Torre boasts of two pizzeria's Marcella's and La Storiella as well as a multi-generational family Tabaccheria that continues to transform itself to provide modern day necessities.  For fine dining, the village's one and only B&B, Lo Focaro, is the establishment for celebrations.   Two of the three village's piazzas offer photographic points and romantic meeting places.  Three churches, dating back over 1,000 years old have been maintained, featuring restored paintings from various artists, including Vittore Crivelli, are very popular throughout the summer months for weddings.

Several articles featuring Le Marche has called this area Italy’s best kept secret or the new, undiscovered Tuscany.  Fish, mussels, tiny clams, shrimp, prawns, crab and calamari are all on the region’s menu.   Due to its unique geography, regional fare also includes cinghale (wild boar), beef, pork and chicken.  All kinds of fruits and vegetables grow rapidly and happily in Le Marche but the stars are olives and sunflowers. On the west are grand rolling hills, with acres and acres of sunflowers, and olive groves growing in the rich soil.  Farther inland are the Sibillini Mountains with villages scattered throughout, offering views of the world and when the season permits, truffles and chestnuts are harvested elevating an ordinary meal to greater culinary heights.  Creating a gourmet meal with the simplest ingredients is not only incredibly easy, but is expected, as the Marchigiani, the people of Le Marche, have great pride in the quality of food grown and raised here.  Natural beef, lamb, turkey and chicken are still raised free range, foraging for real food.  If you love good food, you will love Le Marche.

A recent Italian article reported that Le Marche holds the record for longevity.  Marchigiani live longer lives than in all of Italy.  Out of the 187,136 people who are over the age 75 in this region, 470 are 100+ years old.  Lifestyle, diet and medical technology continue to propel this small region forward as a place for quality living.

Economically, Le Marche is known for the shoe and fashion industry.   During the summer months one can go to markets strictly for shoes.  International designers such as Prada, Giorgio Armani, and Tods are just a few brands discounting their pricey clothes at outlet stores located near Civitanova.  Tod’s is headquartered in Le Marche and is a major employer for this region.

Design is nearly second nature to Italians and the small village of Torre di Palme has it’s own upcoming fashion designer, Tiziana Piersanti.  Her label, Pierti, will make its initial introduction to the public this summer for her luxury sport clothing line.  Her design studio and office are located in the church’s cloister with a private garden.  Signora Piersanti draws her inspiration from her surroundings of casual elegance.  Perfectly poised at the edge of Torre di Palme overlooking the Adriatic, her clothing line is a reflection of her environment.  Clients and shop owners may make an appointment at Maison Pierti for a private showing.

Torre di Palme is a sparkling gem amongst stone and sand.